KorpySazan Co. has been the first steel ubolt producer in Iran since 1975. Then, with continuous efforts of the management of the board of directors, Mr. Gholam Hossein Andakhshide was registered in the Register of Companies of Khorasan in 1984, and improved from the workshop to a systematic factory, and since that day, has got the honor to serve the noble nation of Iran.

The company is committed to achieving its high goals, improving the quality and enhancing the technology of Iranian products in competition with samples produced in other European and Asian countries in the field of scientific production of products regarding all the mechanical principles and structural properties of the materials.

Korpy Sazan Co. has been successful in concluding contracts with reputable and domestic automotive companies such as Iran Khodro, Mamot, Rafsanjan, Ministry of Defense, and others, in order to improve the quality of the automation of the production line and enable mass production.

The big family of Korpy Sazan Co, believes the sale is not the end of a deal, but it is a new start for friendship and business and this slogan is our only ultimate goal.

In line with the development of foreign trading, spare parts of this factory is exported to other countries, such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Central Asia, South Africa, etc., we are also trying to prove to the world that Iran and its products can compete with European countries and its products.

Having a healthy economy requires a compelling and valuable competition, with the representation of reputable companies from other countries, including GS India, we have given customers the opportunity to have a wider choice, as well as providing affordable prices for all products, we have achieved the highest sales volume with the most favorable prices in this area.

In addition to the production of the U-bolts, and other parts of the suspension system, the company has also been involved in the preparation and distribution of other essential components. We try to reduce our country from importing other foreign products by increasing the quantity and quality and diversifying our products. We believe that with the knowledge and ability of our youth, combined with the experience of our fathers, we can build a proud Iranian.

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